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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the live stream?

You will receive a link to this homepage and the password from the party in charge of organising the funeral.


Will there be a recording available after the service has finished?

Yes, a playback will be available right after the service. The family will also be able to access the gallery a few days after the service has finished in order to download a recording. This may take up to two weeks.


How do I know I'm in the right place?

Click 'Watch LIVESTREAM', enter the password that you've received by either the family or the funeral service provider and the stream you're looking for will be scheduled here, titled with the name of the deceased.


The stream quality is bad, keeps buffering, is pixelated or cuts out, what to do?

There could be many reasons for this to happen, all linked to weak internet connection. Try viewing the stream from another device (e.g. your phone while not being logged into your local wifi). If that doesn't work try resetting your internet connection (re-starting your router).

The 4G signal strength, which we rely on, varies a lot in the Northern Rivers area. That means sometimes streams may buffer, appear to be pixelated or drop out completely. 

We promise to give our very best to give you the best possible viewing experience, but rest assured that even in case anything doesn't work while we're live, a high quality playback will be available for online viewing & download a few days after the service from our gallery page.


Thanks for understanding.

In case you have any other questions please give us a call, write us an email ( or contact us via Facebook.

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